Free Farmer’s Market Activity for Kids

The farmer’s market is, by far, one of my favorite activities. 😍 It’s a great outdoor activity for the whole family and can be visited throughout the year.

The teacher in me loves the opportunities that the farmer’s market provides for kids. Not only will they see all the produce from local farms, they can also see how producers and consumers interact with one another. They’ll also practice personal space, witness consumerism, and pay for local produce and crafts. Really, the best way for a child to learn about their community is to immerse themselves in it; which is exactly what the farmer’s market does!

Even with all these learning opportunities, I wanted to do more than just have my child walk around the farmer’s market. I wanted her to understand how the farmer’s market works, how it’s laid out, how consumers take advantage of the farmer’s market, and how she can find what she’s interested in at the farmer’s market.

I wanted to turn learning about the farmer’s market into a type of game. Thus, the Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt was created!

With this scavenger hunt, children will classify farm produce and goods from local business owners.

I looked to our own farmer’s markets for inspiration in making this game. When wandering around, we see jams, soaps, baked good, eggs, herbs, dairy, vegetables, fruits, pies, crafts, and so much more!

In participating in this scavenger hunt, children will begin to classify the different types of produce from farms. In return, they will also recognize goods sold from local business owners versus those sold in grocery stores.

To use this scavenger hunt printable, we simply took the paper with us and a pack/page of stickers.

I explained that we are playing a game to see how many items from the list we can find at our own farmer’s market. As we walked through the blocks of vendors, we checked if the good in our farmer’s market was on our list. If it was, we placed a sticker next to the item. Some of the items that we checked off, we bought!

My child and nephew had a blast finding all the objects on our scavenger hunt. You can do this scavenger hunt over and over again because new vendors are added all the time. You may even recognize farmers and producers that sell at the farmer’s market often.

If you would like this free farmer’s market scavenger hunt printable, just fill out the form below!

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